Contemporary art in sculpture has a diverse language to take positions, to shape forms and to make
the invisible visible.

"Art does not reproduce the visible, but makes it visible." This is a quote by Paul Klee, and also
represents a guiding principle of my artistic work.

My works tell of experiences of human form of existence, the sum of collected snapshots and emotions that have shaped my artistic expression.

Women on a journey through time to infinity from Eve to "Human K I" (human artificial intelligence) and beyond. Women represents the past, the here and now, and the future. Women, a bronze sculpture is personified as "Eve" by the apple and by a circuit board, her inner life in the back as "Human KI".

Women carries within it many identities. Women bridges centuries from Eve over Aphrodite to art epochs like Mannerism and Art Nouveau to "Lunia" a portrait of Amadeo Modigliani as well as the approach Virtual Space of Alberto Giacometti, the attempt to represent time as space up to the year 2021 of the human K I (Sophia). Sophia went into production worldwide in late 2021 and Human K I is now established in our space-time fabric. Women is a homage to the woman or those women and their values and ideals that she embodies in the space-time fabric.

"Change II" is one of my works from the series of changes. The quote from Mahatma Gandhi: "We must become the change we want to see" I understand as a task for myself as an act of listening and of understandings.

"Change III & IV " Equal Opportunities With the works from my series Change I would like to inspire hope and at the same time promote the work shown here for a desirable equality of opportunity for all women on all continent. Another quote from Mahatma Gandhi: "Touch the world with love, not fear. Respect, understanding, acceptance, high regard, commiseration.
These are the five foundations of life". Includes the desired respect, equal opportunity and the desire for more humanity. It should be more than a desire to feel free and live a more humane future.

"Change V" Peace as the source of life. If one wanted to begin the topic of "making peace" with a quote, it would be from the pacifist and humanist Mahatma Gandhi. "There is no way to peace, peace is the way" Peace is the way, is reason emerging and beginning to breathe again. The dove is a symbol of peace and hope, furthermore it stands for gentleness since ancient times. For peace, gentleness and reason is an acceptable solution as well as vital for us and the whole world. "Art does not reproduce the visible, but makes visible" Paul Klee

Born 1957 in Fischbach near Saarbrücken / Germany
I live as a free and independent artist in Coesfeld Lette / Germany
I completed my studies in sculpture at the Academy of Art in Bochum / Germany
and moreover, I studied in the 2007 at the Faculty of Sculpture at the University of Art and Design in Halle / Germany.