We women should be symbols of civilization, it is unbelievable how much it costs us to convince under equal conditions when these are so unequal most of the time, and if we haven’t achieved it yet, it is due to the lack of help and support amongst ourselves.

As an artist I shall defend to the utmost, whilst I still have the strength, the values of my painting, independently of my female condition. I have a strong and original temperament, an immense artistic sensitivity, am pathologically emotional, alternate between states of happiness and living sadness drowned in misery, am very conscious of my surroundings, and to create expressions of the
outside which describe the essential, I look inside.

Inside and outside unite in harmony in order to achieve an interpretation that is free of irrelevance, even if at times it turns out grotesque.

I was born in Valencia, land of painters. Manuel Benedito Vives, great portraitist and disciple of Sorolla, was my great grand uncle, a world of men.

I got my painting degree late, but like Goethe said: ”When you are 60, everything begins anew”. I have crossed that line and am much better for it.