I am an artist who is fully identified with informal abstract art and abstract expressionism, carrying out a persistent work which conveys freedom and spontaneous creativity in the use of colors, shapes and textures, alternating softness and intensity in it. Born and raised in the exuberant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I am highly touched by its colors and radiant luminosity. The warm weather and tropical environment are definitely reflected in my work by the usage of intense and vibrant colors, merging hues in search of a pictorial balance. Apart from the artistic activity, I am a district attorney acting in a family court where people’s dramas behave as source of inspiration as they bring along feelings and powerful emotions, a true landmark to my artwork. My creative process consists of the choice of some two or three colors to start with. After that, other colors and hues will be added as to keep up with the flow of my work, and a few brushstrokes ahead, what was once a blow of inspiration, starts to become reality.
Why do I use oil painting? Well, because of its nature of lasting long to dry the paint on the canvas, oi paint allows me to freely execute my work, redoing and modifying it until I am totally satisfied. I would say that during my artistic process I completely disconnect from the outside world. Painting sets me off on a journey that not rarely reveals hidden feelings, contributing to a final result.

Mario Marques (Rio de Janeiro, 1967) lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He began his painting studies taking private lessons with the artist Nega Scarambone, completing his training with painting classes at the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts in Rio de Janeiro, with Professor Chico Cunha.
In recent years he has regularly exhibited his artworks in several cities in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Niterói), as well as in Europe, in 2022, at AVA GALLERY, in Helsinki, Finland.