With fine humor and joy of observation, I deal with feminine sensitivities in the series OFFBEAT CHICKENS - presented by MONAT GALLERY. Universal I show the modern female gender – in a mirror of society.

Chimeras: half human, half animal. Infinitely diverse, they embody the principle of the fundamental beauty of all living beings in my works. In their existence, I characterize them soft, forgiving, humorous - or excessively orgiastic. Role change. Mixed cultures. Queer.

Occasionally, I use symbolism to tell a story. Figuratively I show characters in animal form, which resemble humans in the core of their being. This gives the observer freedom for imagination and their own interpretations. The alienation makes it possible for me to build up a playful distance to the human diversity.

If you survey my work, living conditions and sensual representations become visible in an apparently imagined bourgeois world - very similar to ours. Empathy is my starting point. With the increase in years of life - the relation becomes legible. I access memories and experiences. The struggle for a universal truth. An inner dialogue develops. Honest. Direct. Intimate.

This is reflected in my working method. I paint over. I scrape off paint. I give the picture surfaces the appearance of a lively, almost textile and yet delicate and fine look. Standing on their own and in detail, they are abstract and form a contrast. They create a place of calm. The past reveals itself in the form of the already painted and in a new context. My imagination doesn‘t end at the edge of the painting.

Marion Meinberg, born 1964 Germany, lives and work in Hamburg. She graduated in graphic design at the Alsterdamm Art School (Gerd F. Setzke) in 1989. She designed and made unique hand puppets while also serving as a mentor at the Institute for Child Development with Dr. Med. Inge Flehmig. Since 2012 she has been working as a freelance artist with a focus on painting and sculpture. She has participated in artfairs and was selected in various solo and group exhibitions national and 2021 at the juried contemporary exhibition at NordArt. Scholars- hip in 2021. She is a member of the BBK Professional Association of Visual Artists and VG Bild-Kunst.