Maysa Suliman, Saudi Abstract Artist, mother of four beautiful kids. I have a Masters degree in Management with most of my experience in working with charitable organizations, social work and giving to the local community.
I am inspired by all peopLe and illustrate the power of humans an around the world, especially women with their surroundings. the affects and conflicts by adhering to customs and traditions while holding their homes. Standing up for them, telling their stories, giving them homes in my imagination where they can find safety and happiness. I wish to leave a legacy behind by inspiring people with beauty and making them ask questions.
I create abstract artworks using cotton canvas, wood, gessoed with acrylic colors and sometimes with oil colors.
I create big paintings and I find satisfaction when I merge myself with to paintings using my hands.
Basically I paint people with their thoughts, positions and movements. Afterwards I create the surroundings around them and the possibilities and chances ahead of them, hoping that they follow the best choices for them.

Artist name: Maysa Suliman.

Nationality: Saudi

Residency: Alkhobar city, Saudi Arabia.

Expertise: Master degree in educational management. * Social work and charity hoardings. * Member of counseling committee in dam am city council, * Workshops with abstract artists from Saudi and GCC countries. • Modern art course from Saint martinis university of London.

Artwork post: • World art Dubai 2022. ▪ Saudi galleries: zawya Jeddah2022), SASCA ( Dammam 2022 ) (Abha 2021). * Artist residency in Jeddah 2021_ * MIST< gallery BAN 2021 ( Mohammad bin salrnan foundation). *Local galleries in Khoba• and Ryadh.

Artwork collectors: *Mohammed bin Salman manager office. *Royal family members. *Art creditors.