All my pieces are inspired by the sea and the colours of the sky, with the intention to
proportionate some peace and calm. Mixed with gold; as a representation of Kintsugi,
a japanese concept. Is an allegory of the scars of the soul. Personally, I think, art should always have a deep meaning. The main message of all my work is the reslience, the capacity of a human being to repair their wounds. And evolve to something more pure.

Dark and light, nightmares and dreams, hell and heaven, chaos and calm... Both of
them exist inside us. It’s my way to express the duality of life, and the duality inside

Muriel Guasch born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1996. She began studying economics,

but at the age of 19 while pursuing a degree in film directing, she discovered her pas-
sion. To express her emotions through something pure.

From that moment on, she has not stopped fighting for her dreams, in differents
artistic disciplines as: tattoo, digital illustration, paintings, fashion design, music...
Everything she learned has been on her own. She started her career in Barcelona,
since 2021 she expanded her work internationally (the Netherlands).