Randomness is the essence of life.
Just like life is filled with coincidences and unexpected events, when I stand in front
of a blank canvas, I don't know where my journey will take me. In the realm of art, this unpredictability is my muse and guide. My art is a testament to the profound connection between chance and creation, a celebration of the beauty that emerges from the unexpected. It invites viewers to join me on this journey, to see the world
through the lens of randomness and discover the harmony within the chaos.
Sometimes, I feel like more of a spectator, watching it come to life on its own, rather
than the creator of the painting.
My paintings are a process of shapes forming figures, figures forming groups, and
groups forming narratives.

As a self-taught artist Nazan Feyzioglu began her artistic journey in 2015 with Mandala drawings, a form based on a precision and constructiveness that could be called mathematical. Interested in exploring beyond the regular structure of Mandala, the artist eventually transitioned to Zentangle studies.

Zentangle, which means creating aesthetically pleasing works through free-flowing texture and composition, was like a journey into the figurative world with each piece
for Nazan Feyzioglu.

At some point, the Zentangle elements remained as components of texture and context in fully figurative paintings. When viewed individually, these small pieces may resemble scribbles, but they come together to form arms, mouths and heads. When detached from the painting, due to their abstract forms, these shapes that would not convey a meaning on their own are sometimes interpreted within the structure of the image as a beach or sometimes as a forest… Scattered across the background, these pieces also help shape the emotional atmosphere of the painting.
For Nazan Feyzioglu, the journey of color followed a similar evolution from the pattern-based world of Mandala to a shift towards colors. While she prefers color palettes that suit the emotional needs of each individual artwork rather than a fixed palette, she creates each piece within a highly limited color range.

Nazan Feyzioglu joined Artankara Fair in March 2023. An international art fair in Ankara. She had her first solo show in Deppo29 in May 2023.