Through the medium of paint, I seek to express colour in all its beauty. It is also a way to develop my unique artistic voice. I don't desire to push some form of ideology or political agenda at the viewer. Any meaning or concept comes second. The quality of the actual work is what is paramount. I translate this into painting by building off the random, using a predetermined technique and range of colours.
I am intrigued by contrasting interactions: simple vs. complex, classic vs. modern, clarity vs. ambiguity, order vs. chaos, depth vs. shallowness, negative vs. positive space, etc. Furthermore, I use texture to define a form by sculpting oil paint with her palette knife.
These elements, combined with my creativity and skill, uniquely bring to life a painting that uniquely displays imperfect beauty. I find the most freedom of expression through various subjects, but my recent works increased my popularity thanks to her Garabagh series, landscapes,  and still floral lives.
However, not to place limits on myself, I enjoy experimenting with other subjects while working with several mediums and tools at times. I apply art elements to create all sorts of visual compositions, from realistic to abstract depictions making them appear in a new world of out-of-box thinking, non-identical, unlike, opposed, and unique imaginations.

Born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1975. Lives and works in Baku. Nigar Helmi is an avid art lover and a graduate of an arts college (1992). She has been experimenting with various painting genres and has created amazing artworks over her professional career. She has dedicated her series of works to the “Garabagh” theme. Some of her well-known works, such as "Govhar Aga Mosque", “Ruins of Bulbul House, "Ruins of Palace of Panahali Khan" and "Varazgun Temple" have attracted the attention of several art fairs and exhibitions. In the range of those exhibitions, "Art3f Monaco International Contemporary Art Fair" organized by the Association des Artistes Contemporains de Turquie à Paris, and "ART EXPO NEW YORK" are particularly distinguished "ART EXPO NEW YORK" are particularly distinguished.