To paint to stop on a point, to synthesise an experience, to question, to go further, to seek, to escape, to create meaning... Painting is a vital act.
During the creative process, many ideas and thoughts flow through me. It's an inner journey. Imagination takes me to another place.
My sources of inspiration come from my experiences, my past stories, my fantasies and projections.

My graphics are intuitive. I think about familiar situations, model them and invent new ones.
My drawing is automatic. I let my hand move freely, without controlling it. My strokes reflect the mental maps of the people I meet: our discussions, our relationships, our thoughts, the landscapes we pass through.
Colour is applied more slowly. Layers of glaze are superimposed in transparency. The palette comes alive, allowing contrasts to vibrate where they need to. I gradually give the painting an atmosphere, an emotional direction.

I end up with an abstract composition, a kind of inner music, a poetry where shapes and colours unfold according to the way I feel.
Pictorial expression synthesises and poetises what words alone cannot express. It's a non-verbal expression that complements my writing.

This abstract work is above all a search for a relationship with 'the other'.
By the other, we mean the person who helps to create the story of the painting; the person who offers a new meaning to the finished work; the person who makes the artist's work their own, to the point of making the painting their own.
I play with this dispossession. I give this coloured score that everyone can interpret as they please. Art is all about relationships; it's about the little story that eventually emancipates itself.
Each individual is unique, with unexpected projections.
Art becomes displaced; it is no longer to be found in the painting itself, but in the exchange it provokes.
A subtle, poetic path that I invite you to experiment with.

Ninadge is a French artist who graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.
Following a Master 2 in art, she continued her university research, specialising in art therapy and working in the psychiatric field.
Living between France and Spain, she draws her inspiration from her travels and artist residencies.
She has organised travelling exhibitions in some twenty countries, and her paintings have criss-crossed the roads of Europe.
This constant quest for freedom is omnipresent in his work. His canvases are both poetic and mysterious.
The graphic line is like the score of an inner music. The softness of the tones gives way to a refined composition in which white plays an important role. The palette is rich. Her mastery of colour allows the canvas to vibrate in a very subtle way.
Ninadge approaches her paintings as spaces for research, places where the exploration of feelings is the order of the day.
They are playgrounds where fiction meets reality.
Spaces of possibility where dream worlds and real-life stories mingle. The boundary is sometimes imperceptible, because it is simply sketched out.