Pablo's need to share his thoughts, led him to create his own language through his forms, textures and the combination of materials he uses that allow him to eternally freeze his representations. In Pablo's special case, his works are always accompanied by simplicity and modernism that make his works objects that invite you to touch them and that combine with different tastes and personalities.
Pablo lives in a never-ending challenge to always produce better quality works that help people feel understood and can liberate themselves through a sculpture in which they project themselves.

Sculptures are part of his life, he has always felt attracted by the shapes, materials and textures of the objects that surround him. Since he was a child he has felt the need to create and transform the objects and spaces around him. In his childhood, his grandfather taught him how to work with wood, leather and metal and infected him with the restlessness to create. A restlessness that was hidden, but not lost for several years.
Being an Industrial Engineer by profession, Pablo began his career wanting to stand out in a very active and full of pressure world that continually suggests to fight and grow to achieve success. It was there, immersed in the cold world of work, that he stopped and went back to creating.
The hard and cold materials such as plaster, steel, bronze and stones, are the means with which Pablo expresses his feelings and manages to represent through his work the different emotions that surround him.