To understand how Paris thinks creatively it’s useful to read through his very concise
interview by Kate Davey.

To understand how he is conceived creatively it’s useful to read through the statement of Achilleas Kentonis-Curator of his first solo exhibition at ARTos.

Paris Sergiou is a young artist who presently lives and works in Nicosia, Cyprus. He has been running his own studio since the age of 16. He has had two solo exhibitions. He was an invited artist by multidisciplinary artist/scientist Achilleas Kentonis, director of ARTos, a contemporary arts and science Center in Nicosia dedicated to research and creativity. In September 2021 he was an invited artist at Ab gallery
for his second solo exhibition.

He worked for a group show in Thessaloniki at #topikap.kato at mid-January
(cancelled due to high covid cases in Thessaloniki-on for coming May 2022) and for
a show at the Alexandria Library. He was recently for two weeks residency at Centro Negra, at Murcia area south of Spain (AADK Spain) painting on site.