This series is an exploration of form, color and light made by experimenting with fluids interacting and impacting one another. The resulting photographs are both abstract and organic, reminiscent of the intricate patterns and shapes found in the natural world.

Each composition captures an ephemeral, fleeting moment in time, inviting viewers to explore the unseen forces that shape our world. Fostering a deeper appreciation for the beauty and complexity that underlies the environment we inhabit, my images aim to provoke curiosity, and encourage contemplation of the intricate and interconnected systems that govern our existence.

Paula Pink is a British born experimental photographer currently living in USA. Originally trained as a graphic designer she has, more recently, been exploring alternative and experimental photographic processes both in and out of the darkroom, with and without a camera. Particularly fascinated by the rhythms and patterns found in nature, her images bridge the line between representation and abstraction, exploring the invisible, the unexpected threads that draw the viewer into worlds unseen by the naked eye.
Paula’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and has appeared in publications including On Landscape, Art Doc Magazine and Maybe Magazine. She has received numerous awards in Alternative Processes including, most recently, winner of the 2023 Pollux Awards, runner up in the 2022 Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, third place in the 2022 IPC awards, and Honorable Mention in the 2022 Monochromatic Awards.

Recent exhibitions include The Royal Academy of Art: Summer Exhibition 2022; WoART: Patterns in Nature; Marin Society of Artists: Fresh Art; Mona Niko Gallery: Extraordinary Works; Las Lagunas Art Gallery: Captured; and PhotoPlace Gallery: Quiet Landscape.