My inspiration comes from the connection we have with the world around us; memories, experiences and feelings that I use to capture different concepts. feelings that I use to capture different concepts. I look for my work to open the possibilities to multiple interpretations and to be an interpretations and that it is an authentic expression of the spirit.

In my paintings lie hesitant geometries, as well as dynamic angles and convulsive free flows of colors and contrasts. of colors and contrasts. Decisions are glimpsed on the canvas as to the arrangement of tones, strokes, volumes and compositions, volumes and compositions. In the midst of more abstractions, a play of forms emerges, superimposed on each other, through explosive with each other, through explosive chromatic combinations and lyrical creations.

Black is one of my aesthetic motifs, because of its intrinsic way of expressing emotions. Also, other shades such as neutrals, ochers, golds and silvers are incorporated by means of different materials, mainly acrylic, oil and ink to represent what my soul dictates.

I am Paulina Saínza, Mexican plastic artist. I started painting when I was 12 years old, but really, creating has always was always something that caught my attention. When I was a child I used to auction my drawings at family Sunday meals.

Drawing, painting and crafting was a lifelong hobby for me. However, it was not my career choice. I studied nutrition at the Universidad Anahuac and continued with painting as something recreational and something I did for fun.

In 2018 I was commissioned to do a painting and it was from then on that I remembered how much I loved it. I started with that piece, then with another, then with another and I kept going. I decided to open an account on instagram to keep a journal of my works and people I didn't know started wanting to buy them. In the wake of the pandemic, I stopped going to my practice, I decided to remodel a space I had as a warehouse and turned it into my studio (where I currently spend most of my time). In the summer of 2021 I went to study in New York for an intensive art course at the New York Academy of Art. There I realized that art for me is much more than a hobby, so I am currently taking courses in painting, art history and the contemporary art market. I would like to continue pursuing this dream and keep preparing myself more and more every day.

The technique I use most often is acrylic on canvas and fluid acrylic, but I also like to use oil, alcohol ink and mixed media. oil, alcohol ink and mixed media. In certain works I use textures such as plasticine, gesso and marble dust. Occasionally I also draw with charcoal and paper, but my drawings are more personal; they are usually some kind of relief.

The truth is that I love acrylic because I find it versatile and it dries very fast. I am a very fast-paced person accelerated and when I have an idea in my head I don't like to wait to capture it. I have ruined an impressive amount I've ruined an impressive amount of works because I wanted to work on them when they haven't dried yet.

I have works in all colors, but I mainly like to use black and white. They are my favorite colors, and although they often seem to be the simplest, in my opinion they are the ones that communicate the most. Black is very powerful and has a spectacular way of expressing emotions. Other tones that you will find in my work are grays, ochers, browns, golds and silvers.