I’m hoping to generate a singular emotion and let the viewer see and feel his own
interpretation. I was mainly inspired by abstract artists of the 20th century, starting with Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Cobra. I like painting while I am listening to music. Each viewer sees something different with his own imagination and feeling; that is why I don’t give a title to my paintings.

I don’t anticipate what I am going to paint. I let it go, probably out of my subconscious. Very often do I transform the flat sheets of paper I use, and I paint on the upper surface, which is not flat any longer.

I dared showing my work to the public, only since 2020. I was lucky to find professionals who enjoyed it and wanted to have it in their art places:

- Summertime 2020 in a beautiful domaine in Champagne Region.
- Beginning of 2021: a solo show at Gallery AVM – 42, rue Caulaincourt Paris 18ème, and, later on, a collective basis in the same place.
- In May 2023, at Nichido Paris Art Gallery.
- In October 2023, again as a collective show at AVM.
- End of September 2023 in London at Holy Art Gallery.
- In December 2023, a solo show at AVM and at Brussels International Art

Show, through Monat Gallery in Madrid. I paint everyday and it feels good.