Being a nomad, living and moving between cities, countries and continents is core to who I am and what I create. I get inspired by people, their stories, cultures, languages, landscapes, dances and I interpret them in my own abstract way. I love experimenting with less common materials and I try to include materials found sur place wherever I happen to be painting. That makes most of my artworks multi layered with textures, colors that bleed through with the effects of nature and time and lots of details. Most importantly, I believe we should all use our voices to speak up and painting is my voice.

I am born and raised in Istanbul-Turkey. After obtaining a college degree in International Relations and working in corporate life for a while, I decided I was better suited for being a nomad and discovering the world. My art journey started with writing, got enlarged with photography and finally I found my calling in painting. I completed a certificate program with the Swiss artist Karin Frank and have not let go of my brushes ever since.