My artworks are a kind of elaborate compilation of mood swings. I like to paint my feelings whatever
they might be. The detailed lines and patterns are like a translation of emotions and thoughts into a
visual aesthetic. I find painting these repetitive markings a great way to quieten the noise in my head. It’s a peaceful and meditative process for me. I often paint using few colours but in contrasting tones and shades, it can be dramatic but I also find this helps the pattern to remain the focal point of the art.
I love working with watercolour because it has a beautiful and honest quality to it. You need to have
patience with it and trust its nature because it has a mind of it’s own. I love that you can never permanently define watercolour as it can usually always be reworked and molded into something else, it’s flexible and I also need to be when working with it. It teaches humility. It’s a true representation of emotion, free flowing and spirited.
When people look at my art I want them to get lost in the patterns, following each line until their minds
have stilled. I would love for my paintings to be a place where people can find grounding. In a world
where we often live in the future or the past, I’d really like my art to anchor people in the present moment.
A place where they can find stillness in the repetition and pattern. I’ve found my process to be so
therapeutic and rewarding and I want my audience to feel that when they view my artworks. Like a kind of doorway-to-calm for the viewer.

Sydney based self-taught artist, Renee Tohl has been painting abstract watercolour since 2015. Originally a graphic designer, Renee combined her skills in design with abstract painting to create the perfect combination of her two favourite things.

Renee’s art has also been included in art-print collections released by some of Australia’s favourite reality- TV renovation personalities.

Inspired by themes of native Australian flora and fauna, mindfulness and introspection, you will often find influences such as these in her art. She uses texture and layering of pattern to create a calming experience for the viewer to immerse themselves in.