At first, she painted females in provocative, inspirational, and self-confident manner. Then, as inspired by her children, she focused on painting little girls, playing together, enjoying the simple and innocent things in life.  These paintings were a reminder of our childhood, before the complexities of adulthood visit indefinitely. It was a natural progression to revert back to painting women, since Rita wanted to discuss social issues through this medium.

Rita celebrates the empowerment of women, and the sheer beauty of the female existence.  Behind each painting is an underlying insinuation of wonder and apprehension.  Her paintings inspire viewers to reflect on their dreams and their regrets, simultaneously.  This paradox is what transforms her paintings into stories that mimic most of the emotional experiences in our lives, and help the viewer to become a part of the artists’ world.

Rita Chehab is a self-taught Lebanese artist currently based in Dubai.  She was educated as an Economist, and worked at the bank for more than 10 years, issuing loans and juggling numbers all day. She also studied Spanish linguistics as well as delved into the passionate world of Tango Argentino reflecting her love of Latin culture. However, it was not until she got married and moved to Dubai, did
her whole life start to take shape.  When God blessed her with 2 lovely girls and motherhood took a front seat, Rita dedicated her entire self to being a great Mother and wonderful Wife.  As much as this completely fills the heart, individuality must also be addressed.  Rita’s self interests needed to share the stage with her responsibilities. This is when she ventured into painting.

Since late 2018, Rita has produced 163 extraordinary paintings. She has exhibited nationally in Dubai since 2020.