"Try something new. Something you’ve never done before. Life has so many beautiful
aspects, it's full of little precious moments. There’s not one big step but only many little ones
which guide us somewhere new; into a new adventure. Therefore, try something new and be
the painter of your own life.“


Simone Schmid is a contemporary artist based in Zurich.
After completing her studies in banking, Simone plunged into the world of art. She completed
a 5-year dance degree in show dance, contemporary dance and choreography. She was a
dancer and dance teacher for many years and travelled the world dancing. A few years ago,
Simone discovered the world of colours and with it a new form of expression. She threw
herself into the adventure of painting.
She is primarily inspired by light, colours and shapes of nature and combines a range of
different techniques, mixing traditional means with experimental ideas. Using mainly acrylics
on linen paper, canvas and sometimes wood, Simone’s artwork touches the viewers
emotions and is able to connect with something very personal.