Each canvas is an inspiration to get away and exoticism. More than a representation of a place or landscape, it's the memory of emotions and wonder that inspires each gesture.

That's why abstract art is so close to my heart, as it allows me to express the complex movements and expressions of feelings.

The color, the brushstroke, the inspiration: everything is intuitive. Oil paint is used for the intensity of its colors and the elegance of its material.

The canvases are stretched on frames, but also on cardboard, to enable them to be framed more easily, but also to make them more accessible. I want everyone to be able to enjoy his or her share of escapism.

Sixtine is a French artist based in Paris, specializing in abstract oil paintings. With no particular artistic training, she has been self-taught for several years, starting with drawing through the creation of portraits of women. Different cultures have always been an important source of reflection, and it was during a long stay in Mauritius that the colors and tropical landscapes were a revelation that nourished her inexhaustible inspiration. Her desire to convey emotions and feelings linked to discovery and wonder fuels her daily quest for an art that encourages escape and inner journey. The artist invites us to open up to the world's beauty and cultural riches.