Najda explores the human form in all its complexity from a multitude of perspectives; ranging from the classical nude to the tragedy of the human condition to abstraction of the mind by using a juxtaposition of vivid color, delineating line, intriguing form, and fluid brush strokes to create a powerful narrative. Many of the paintings at first appear impenetrable, but the ambiguity is the essence of the work. Art is an adventure and when painting Najda likes to delve into the unknown. He regards it as a voyage of discovery, an exploration of the primitive-self, exploring the boundary between imagination and subconscious dream, to produce an "abstraction of thought" or a "quantism" of elemental art.

Stephen Najda was born in Glasgow, Scotland and currently spends his time between Poland and Scotland. Often described as Renaissance Man, Najda is a polymath, a research scientist, published author, and artist. Najda’s exploration of creative development encompasses mediums that span from painting and drawing to photography, sculpture, and video.