I paint mainly with acrylic, according to my desires, my moods, which I express through my paintings. I like the association of colors, transparency, opacity, the effect that the texture can bring to a painting, I always add a metallic touch to my works.

Self-taught, I work by following my instinct and my improvisations. I paint without worrying about the rules of art.

Each of my works is unique, I paint from the heart, with the desire to transmit to everyone the emotion I feel when looking at my canvas.

Sylvie D'Halluin is a French painter born in 1978.

Self-taught, she has always been passionate about art and decoration. Previously an interior decorator and landscape designer, she discovered abstract art and it was a real revelation, a way of expressing and feeling things differently, through colors, shapes, and different textures.

In 2020, she decided to devote herself exclusively to painting by opening her studio.

Living from her passion is a real fulfillment.