My inspiration originates from my feelings. I consider my paintings a visual interpretation of my soul. They are intuitive - black is often represented in my painting. The black representing the pillar of life. Black is for me a sophisticated and elegant expression.

My motto is “don’t think, just paint”, I strive to let the intuition be guiding for the rest of the process, leaving room for the viewers own interpretation of the work. My painting is acrylic on canvas. Technically I always use strokes made by different sized spatulas, and sometimes a acrylic marker for thin strokes. I love to explore the abstract universe.

Born in 1969, Odense, Denmark
Danish artist educated as Constructing Architect. Based in Odense, Denmark. For the last 4 years I have studied at “Den Ny Kunst skole” an art school in Odense, where I live. I have painted and made drawings for as long as I can remember.