My message is art as a science about the meaning of life. This is when the charge from a disturbing emotion turns into its endless analysis on the canvas.

My materials can be any objects, but mostly I give my preference to acrylic, the paint has to dry quickly in order to instantly capture the thought and not have the right to make a mistake.

The focus of my attention is on the human who’s trying to comprehend his nature; the area of his soul, where everything difficult and dark turns into elegant and bright, and Our childhood, which gave each of us its characteristic step. What excites me is the search for my unique identity and the global opposition to the ideas, beliefs and images aggressively instilled in us by religion and society almost from an early age. Behind the scenes of all these Ideas, I seek the very voice in which freedom is heard.

My name is Tamara Orman, and I am  22 years old artist from Gagauzia, a small autonomy within Moldova where I spent my whole childhood, and afterwards lived in Moscow for a long time. Nowadays I am based in Istanbul as a starting point for my never-ending journey around the world.

My tortuous journey, which I travelled alone, has been also manifested itself in my education. After graduating from art school I came under the influence of the society and unknowingly went to study engineering, triggered me for a change and came out as the final decision in choosing my life path as an artist. 

My art begins with the rich colours of my native culture that brought me a conflict for the start and development. Through this richness of colours, I see a world that subsequently integrates with the way of my life and places that I visit, and is periodically renewed, creating the concept of my art.