Nature inspires colorful moments, fun situations, unexpected surprises…  

As she is interested in what she can bring out of the technique, she uses the Iphone and her photos for wide creativity. All archived photos are as a bank to botanize in. 

By using some editing apps she compose her ART in UllaSformat. Her PhotoArt and DigitalArt have often a story with symbolism. For example if the Raven is there, it is a symbol for wisdom, as the Raven can see everything. The Dandelion is a beauty and a symbol for perishability.  

As DigitalArt artist she is self-educated. It means that she can experiment without any notion of right or wrong, just by discovering new possibilities again and again….She enjoys life like ever day is a new journey. 

Ulla Strandberg, born 1945, in art UllaSformat, is an artist based in Bunkeflostrand Sweden. She has a Masters degree in Highschool for Design and Craft (HDK in Gothenburg) 

She has been a well-known Gallery owner and ArtCurator for many Exhibitions and Fairs in Sweden and abroad. She has been a frequently hired lecturer in art and design.

Since 2014 she is owner of KonstMappen, a digital gallery and intermediation for Swedish artist members.  She is a passionated Photographer, always with her Iphone ready in the pocket.