Verena Bauer is linked to contemporary art due to her experimental mix of abstraction and figurative art. The artist focusses on the human body in all its aspects, form and fascination. As divers as the human body in its appearance can be, as divers is Bauer´s art. Bauer does not only dwell on the outer looks, she even goes beyond the surface and devotes her art to exploring the relation between body and mind as well as the expression of the human psyche through the physical body.

The artist processes her own persona in her art and presents the viewer insights on her identity, memories and thoughts. That is why her art is constantly evolving and changing, because the artist herself is consistently growing in her personality to bring back all her life experience onto canvas. Therefore, every work of hers is part of the Bauer herself. Art is the main way to express herself and through her language of art, she wants to make an impact to the world.