The artist sees the transmission of life's spiritual moments as their creative goal. Creating a connection between the eye and the soul, stirring both familiar and new emotions.

Her acrylic paintings traverse the boundaries of abstract and lifelike, figurative and non-figurative, dynamic and static, saturated with color and ethereal, much like the human soul itself.

The primary motif in her paintings is typically the horizon, symbolizing the inseparable connection between earth and sky, down and up, reflecting the constant pursuit of balance in the life of a seasoned individual - and in doing so, carrying the essence of her art.

Born in Budapest in 1991, Virág comes from a family with several artists in her paternal lineage. It was natural for her that their artworks adorned her home, and art has always been close to human life for her. She didn't pursue formal art education but instead joined an art club at a Slovak national elementary school at the invitation of a painting teacher. Over time, her interests expanded to encompass other art forms; she delved into drama and simultaneously taught it, and during her high school years, she authored scripts for children's plays.

Thanks to her interdisciplinary approach, she graduated as a cultural organizer, and her thesis focused on art therapies, conducting research on their effects in a psychiatric care facility in Budapest. Later, for livelihood reasons, she turned towards journalism and then marketing copywriting and communication, where she worked for 10 years, half of which were as a freelancer.

In 2020, art knocked on her door again when she picked up the paintbrush during the pandemic and participated in online acrylic painting workshops to practice and learn. In the meantime, she became a client for a Hungarian painter and art therapist, as well as a renowned cultural manager, who encouraged her to return to the world she had always felt at home in. These two individuals, professionally observing her work, motivated her to continue creating. However, due to the political situation in Hungary, which also had an impact on cultural life, she moved to Valencia, Spain, at the end of 2022 to create and explore a new world for herself. She already received offers for exhibition spaces and opportunities in Valencia.