Painting to me is creating technically good figurative work. And that’s where my strength lies. The application of accurate drawing skills with anatomy/écorché, scales, proportion and colour and different kinds of perspectives – it’s what I like and what I’m good at. I owe this knowledge to my three-year academic training in Florence. 

All the paintings, drawings and stained glass windows are made according to the ancient traditions of craftsmanship: Self prepared grounds, paints, mediums etc., with recipes dating back from the early 1400’s just to the 19th century.

The passion for drawing and painting has been rooted deep within me, since a very young age. What once began as a dream and an education grew into my professional ambition over the years.

As a student, I studied Classical Painting techniques at AKA Nijmegen (NL) with Lukas Stofferis. I was also a student of Jef Bertels (oil painting, BE), René Klarenbeek at the Rembrandt Studio and the Mauritshuis in The Hague (NL), and Jan Bustin (Van Eyck techniques). At the age of 19, I was admitted to the prestigious Florence Academy of Art (FAA) – an American art school in Florence, Italy – for a more in-depth study of the realistic drawing and painting techniques of the 19th century academies. I graduated in June 2019, after 3 years of academic training.

In 2020, I specialised in stained glass, leaded glass and restoration techniques with Jean-Marie Braguy at the Centre International du Vitrail in Chartres, France.