Viviane lives in a world of fantasy, where flora and fauna rule the narrative and colours and shapes come to life. Yet within this seemingly beautiful setting each of her works strives to maintain a contrast of tension. The darkness of the mind reveals itself; branches read as veins, a head bursts open where new life grows and abstract shapes anthropomorphize into fantastical creatures. Art is Viviane’s therapy, her escapism and her raison d’être.


Viviane Verbrugge (Brussels, 1958) is a visual artist of multiple mediums. After her bachelor in Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Art in Genk, she focussed herself primarily on Sculpture and Ceramics. In this she made a career working in assignment for both national and international TV and media. Ten years ago she relocated to London, UK. Here she reignited her passion for art within the language of painting. Her work then took a drastic turn in 2019 after suffering a CVA. In her recovery she re-taught herself to draw and paint using only her left hand, opening up an entirely new visual aesthetic. This experience also influenced her artistic language.