at MONAT Gallery

20.11.23 – 03.12.23


MONAT Gallery invites you to the new exhibition, from the 20th of november to the 3rd of december, to embark on a celestial journey that blurs the boundaries between the terrestrial and the extraterrestrial. “Moonshadows” is not merely an art exhibition; it’s a portal to the enigmatic world.

This exhibition invites you to step into a realm where artists have harnessed the power of shadows and light to craft breathtaking works that challenge perception and ignite the imagination. “Moonshadows” is a celebration of the duality of existence, where shadows reveal as much as they conceal, and light breathes life into every corner of the canvas.

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7 Comments on “MONAT GALLERY

  1. Amazing selection of artists and their work is always changing, so you never know what might be there!
    Is a fantastic place to exhibit your work. I have exhibited there a couple of times, and they are very kind and helpful. The gallery staff is great, and they take their work very seriously.

  2. I joined recently for an international art exhibition featuring 3 of my pieces. Wonderful experience

  3. I was invited to be part of this gallery. Unfortunately the timing was not the most opportune for me. However, I want to congratulate you for the kind, polite, cordial and objective service. Here in Brazil, there are few who find such an excellent posture. Congratulations. I hope to be part of it one day.

  4. Muchas felicidades por hacer entrevistas a los artistas que exponen en la galería y exhibir obras de artistas de todo el mundo!
    Felicidades a Natalia Arena!

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